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Over the River(s)

I am sitting, watching the sunset’s last purple fingers disappear through a thicket of Monterey pines and cypresses and of live oaks.

Meanwhile, the joyous strains of politics and Washington (our home-away-from) chime behind my back –today’s is the last State of the Union address of this administration– mingling with Herr Meow and Rev. Mom talking about Thomas the Tank Engine characters ("Canky?").

A lonesome car breaks the twilight glow, and as it goes away, the peace returns.

To say that I love it here would be an understatement.

More love later.  Meantime, I have a speech to sleep through.

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2 thoughts on “Over the River(s)

  1. That speech was as predictable as Britney Spears missing a court date. I’ll be glad when this administration’s over.

  2. It was definantly the speech of a president on his way out.
    Lets just hope the next administration isn’t worse… And it can ALWAYS be worse, you know…

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