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Nine Bros A’Tasered

Earlier today, I was talking to the charming and sensible Gunfighter, and he sent me the link to a remixed version of "Don’t Tase Me Bro!"

Mirth and inspiration ensued.  GF, I owe you one.


In case you’re not familiar with the case (I wasn’t much), Wikipedia summarizes it here.  In short, some frat boy-type crashes a Kerry "thing" –really, Constitution day?– and starts getting all first-amendment and disruptive with his need to ask a question.  John Kerry himself politely urges the dude to ask away after he’d already been escorted halfway out of the auditorium.

The guy then launches into some aimless 1:20 tirade.  At some point, some merciful soul cuts off his microphone because he said the word "blowjob" and therefore used profanity, which was not permitted by the organizers.  He gets escorted back out again before he has a chance to hear the answer to his "question" but he gets more and more agitated and harder to restrain.  A cop pulls out a Taser.

The rest is catchphrase (and douchebaggery) history.

Here is the original video, incidentally:


You’d think that no one could top the original.  But that’s where you’d be wrong:

Here’s the "Can’t Tase This" version:

Not to be outdone, the Britney Spears "Gimme More" remix:

Très techno:

Hard Knocks remix:(mugshot!)

The N’awlins version:

A lovely fox-trot– my favorite so far:

Omega’s triphop remix:

<object width="425" height="355">

And bringing up the rear, a very danceable, compelling remix:

That’s right.  Nine bros a’tasered is your present today.

Which of course gets me thinking about what exactly was it about this incident that captured the public’s imagination in such a way?  Why was this guy’s whining and civil disobedience an act of comedy gold instead of a noble and worthwhile endeavor?

Well, for starters… bro? Seriously?

Don’t be such a douche, "bro".

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4 thoughts on “Nine Bros A’Tasered

  1. oh my lordy. that’s awesome. just what i needed to end the day.

  2. “Bro”? Yeah, must be that…
    The “gimme more” remix is by far my favorite. Not including the original, of course. 😆

  3. This is a fantabulous post! Thanks for linking all of these, bro.

  4. Who knew there were so many variations on that clip. We’ve had some stuff going on the community I run (and why my blog is gone for a bit) and I wanted in the worst way to have that edited to be slightly different, but thought better of it 😉

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