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Eight Years A’Milleniumming

And here it is in all its newborn, fresh-smelling glory: two thousand eight.

Or, er, Tuesday.  But that’s not nearly as thrilling, is it?


Today’s title left me thinking about ringing in the millennium, so very many years ago.  An aside:  this assignment I’ve self-imposed is kind of silly, but it’s kinda getting harder, y’alls.  I mean…. whose harebrained idea was it to give so many strange and oddly lavish presents to another human being.  Pipers?  Drummers?  Do they just sit around and play the whole time?  Do you OWN these people?

Aside over.

A good friend of mine –the very one with whom I rang in the millennium– called me today to tell me she is engaged.  This is thrilling news and a really happy occasion: she’s been a close friend for almost a decade now. 

But that also means that we’re getting older.  We’ve been friends through some major milestones –and a very major one coming up this year.  And it’s almost been ten years.

It seems just yesterday that J.Lo sang "Waiting For Tonight", with an appropriate New Year’s Eve countdown-themed video to accompany it.  And it seems longer still that she was dating Sean "By Whatever Nickname He Remaineth a Douchebag" Combs. Now she is great with children and married to Skeletor –who, might I add, is a bona fide heartthrob south of the border.  I know.  Don’t shoot the messenger, because I’m totally serious.


Eight years.  I can’t remember being twenty-three (or twenty-four) and singing that line from
"What’s My Age Again?" that aptly whines "Nobody likes you/When you’re twenty-three."

Why is it that no one tells you that you’re a complete imbecile until about twenty-five, anyway?  I see people in their early twenties thinking they sooooo know it all, and I realize that the world looks ever so much better because you’re not a teenager anymore –and therefore a total neanderthal– but come on!  It hasn’t been an eternity since you thought that your life-size crush on the boy band du jour would *actually* come to fruition, little lady. 

But oh, who shall bell those kittens?


I’m off to more important things now, like watching Bridget from "The Girls Next Door" getting her hair styled for some stupid party at the Playboy mansion, so there.

As you can see, life goes on as it must.  Happy ’08 everyone!

Oh um… one more thing:  I know this is late and it’s asking quite a bit of you, but would you tell me what your favorite posts of ’07 were?  I can narrow it down if you’d like– unless there is something so memorable you must needs share it.  And if so, out with it!

Happy New Year!

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5 thoughts on “Eight Years A’Milleniumming

  1. Eight Years A’Milleniumming

    Bookmarked your post over at Blog Bookmarker.com!

  2. Happy 2008!

  3. Favorite post?? How would one choose??
    Do you really watch “Girls Next Door”? I ask because whenever I’m channel surfing and that is on, I just can’t seem to go past it… I always stop and watch it until it’s over, wondering what the heck the attraction is, and why I can’t stop watching it… lol

  4. Wait another 15 years. Looking back at age 30 is every bit as entertaining as looking back at 20 is now.
    I plan to be laughing at myself when I hit 65.

  5. really? do the brown peeps still heart skeletor? i seem to remember him with some more meat on his bones way back in the day. boy needs to eat. let’s start with some sympathy eating with his very preggers wife.

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