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How To Make Waddling, Sciatica And Stretch Marks Thrilling, Is The Question

Hey again, Internets!

Me?  Oh, I’m okay.  I won’t lie…. been better.  But I’m totally okay.

What?  Oh, that big, angry, long draft I didn’t publish?  Boy, are you ever nosy,  Internets!  And my, how you know things that I thought were just the realm of me and darling Typepad.  Maybe one day this conversation will actually take place when the contents of my own mind are somehow linked to Facebook and everyone finds out things that I thought were only safe to think about with my eyes closed, in the bathroom and with the exhaust fan on.

But yes, it’s true: I wrote a long angry entry and decided to scrap it.  There are some things that benefit from a little perspective when one commits them to paper, and this little gem is one of them.  Don’t worry too much about me, though: things are actually hunky-dory around here and apart from missing a little sunlight here and there, all is as sunny as can be.

But let’s talk about something that’s been on my mind: babies.


It seems that everywhere I went (or at least here and here , read within minutes of one another) the topic on everyone’s brain is that sweet and romanticized bit of popular culture cum (<—Hehe… tacky joke anyone?  Ooh.. "tacky"– on a roll!) personal crusade also known as pregnancy.

As in, I wonder who you ask to determine whether you should do it again.  A part of me wants to give Herr Meow a sibling– perhaps a dainty little Fräulein Meow?  (with an umlaut, of course!  Is there a daintier diacritic mark?)  Or maybe we’d be aiming for another little Herr Meow, except that maybe we’d have to change the language and maybe go for a breezy Signorino Meow to avoid confusion. 

Just thinking of the nickname of the baby that isn’t even on the way yet is giving me the flutters.  This is all very strange.

By the way, I don’t expect answers, as this is a pretty personal decision– don’t feel obligated to comment unless you would like to do so.  Also, how would that go down in a conversation, really?

Friend (patting mother’s belly): Aww, how sweet!  You must be so excited!  When did you find out you were pregnant?
Husband of pregnant woman: Well, the Internets told us to get her pregnant, you know.  So here we are.
Pregnant woman: We can only hope the Internets are also at the birth, so everyone knows what to do.

However, I am interested.  If you have kids, how did you come about deciding your family’s number?  And if you don’t have kids, what were your upbringing experiences?  Did coming from a big family make you want to expand or downsize?

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Waddling, Sciatica And Stretch Marks Thrilling, Is The Question

  1. I come from a fair sized family – 5 kids – and my husband has 3 brothers. My mother was from a family of 6 kids while my father came from a family of 16 kids and one of his brothers had 18 kids. So I guess I can say I come from a large family.
    My husband and I talked it over before we even got married and decided that 2 kids was a good number. That way each had to deal with a sibling yet it wouldn’t be such a huge expense we could never afford anything. However finances never worked out well enough to have the second child when we wanted it (within 3 years of the first) and then when I did get pregnant the second time I lost the baby and didn’t want to try again.
    The only people you really need to discuss having a second child with are Monsieur Meow and your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough. Which you probably are but it’s always a good idea to check. I certainly never knew that my problem with the iron content in my blood was a problem that could cause me to lose my baby.

  2. “The only people you really need to discuss having a second child with are Monsieur Meow and your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough.” I absolutely agree with Vixen.
    I always knew I wanted one child, and most likely no more than one. I had that one at a stupidly young age, but that was enough. Even though I joked that I wanted to see how he turned out before I did it again, since I’d still be in my 30’s when he got out of high school, I was quite sure I was done. But last year I got married again, and two half-grown, part-time kids came with the deal. However, collectively, WE are done. It’s probably a good thing for society that my second husband and I don’t plan to breed – the nerdiness would be off the charts!

  3. Well, at least you have the luxury of getting pregnant! 🙂 John and I have to decide whether to adopt again, which is an altogether more complicated and expensive decision. Sigh… 🙂 (For now, we’re just trying to enjoy Sienna for awhile!)

  4. I was 18 when our first was born… when she was 1, we started trying for our second… she was 12 (yep, 12) when he was born… our reproductive abilities seemed to choose for us… (we wanted more!) When our youngest hits 18, we will have had an underage kid in the house for 31 years… I think that’s enough…
    (Our last name used to have the umlaut, but they removed it a few generations ago… darn it… lol)

  5. Infertility pretty much decided it for me. We’ve got one. And only one. Because now I’m too old, and anyway, we’re too poor for more IVF.

  6. I am the oldest of 4 girls, all roughly two years apart in age. I am the mother of two boys and a girl, all 6 years apart.
    The original plan was to have two kids, hopefully a boy and a girl, and then call it good. Instead, we had the boy and called the marriage good (err..quits).
    Second husband had two teenagers from first marriage, but wanted another, so Second Son was born 6 years after Oldest Son. Second Husband changed his mind mid-baby-making, but the seed was planted. He split when I was 4 mos pregnant and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since.
    Third-husband-wannabe came along singing the same “I want another one” tune. I knew I didn’t want to get married again, but when it came to the question of another child, the real decision was could I handle three on my own if it came to that? Yes, I could, so Prima Donna Daughter was born.
    Here I am, handling three of them on my own…imagine that.
    My motherhood experience has been nothing like what I dreamed as a little girl – but then, whose really is? But I wouldn’t go back and not have had any of them (no matter what I claim on the bad days!) and while it’s not been what I thought it would be, much of it has been a great surprise.
    I’m done having my own now, and am getting my head ready for grandchildren to spoil one day. What will be weird is having grandchildren before all of mine are grown and gone, as it will potentially happen that way.

  7. Ghosty told me to go read you, so I went. 😉
    Anyway… kids… I don’t have any. Yet.
    We are three kids in my family and M. is a 小皇帝 (xiao huangdi – literally “little emperor”… or only child in Chinese). So definitely want more than one kid, but no more than three. Anything in between is fine by me. Of course, I haven’t been pregnant yet, so I guess it’s easy to say! 😆

  8. My husband and I each have one sibling, and we’d like Noodle Girl to have a sibling. The man wants a boy, but I draw the line at three kids. I’m already dreading the sleep deprivation from the next one!

  9. The stretch marks are inevitable during pregnancy, So It is a good idea to mitigate the effect of the stretch marks we can go with the stretch marks preventive creams and with loads and loads of water. Which will not only mitigate the effect quickly but also to retain the figure back.

  10. I don’t have a set number and assume there will come a day when I realize I don’t want any more children than the number I have. As for deciding when to get pregnant again, I try not to think about that one too much, because I would never decide I am ready to endure the process again. I like the motto, “If I’m not opposed to getting pregnant, why not just see what happens.”

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