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The Shopocalypse Comes To Washington; No One Cares

It’s official: Washington DC sucks.

Specifically, DC sucks when it comes to the availability of movies I would like to watch.  If you remember, a few months ago it was "Ladrón Que Roba A Ladrón" that was showing everywhere but here, and I whined about it
even chalking it up to the fact that DC doesn’t care about us beaners or spics or whatever derogatory term you would like to use to lump my Spanish-speaking brethren and I.

Now the movie that is not showing within a 200-mile radius is not a movie that involves a minority, so I’m going to have to think about why it’s being blackballed a little harder.

Stand back: my thinking rays could cook thin meat or possibly make your bones show up on some special film


Ah yes.  Nowhere in the DC area are they showing "What Would Jesus Buy?"

Nor will they show it, if the website is any indication.  And I am not surprised, for our Nation’s capital is a haven for wasteful consumerism, from which they do not want to be saved.

And they need to be saved.


(Oh Jesus.)

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2 thoughts on “The Shopocalypse Comes To Washington; No One Cares

  1. The only way to catch movies like Ladrón in this area is to attend Latin film festivals, like the one they had a few weeks ago in Silver Spring. Frustrating, I know, but what can you do?

  2. Pfft. I remember when Times Square was the red-light district. I’ll take the mall any day, and all hail Disney.
    It’s bizarre how many of these movies never make it into Washington. Isn’t there a congressman who likes movies we can write to?

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