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Randomata: The “It’s What’s For Dinner” Edition

Today: lentils for dinner.

I was remarking to someone –I don’t remember who– that lentils are among those things that don’t sound exactly exciting or wonderful when you’re in the process of making them; but that reward you with total awesomeness and wonderful flavor when you’re done making them. 

This is why we’re having lentils.


I am not happy with the way Blogger is kind of discouraging traffic from comments.  As in, if you do not have a Blogger blog and wish to comment on a blog, then you either have to just leave a nickname or get a Blogger account.

It just seems a little… um…. fascist.   Yeah, that’s it.  I shall whine no more and instead paste my URL all over my Typekey and Blogger profiles.  Harrumph.


Ooh.  I have a Momzilla tale.  I shall save it for tomorrow, okay?

Keep toasty warm, Internets!  Unless you ARE toasty warm, in which case you should keep cool.

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6 thoughts on “Randomata: The “It’s What’s For Dinner” Edition

  1. Don’t you have a regular, plain-old Google account? Or a GMail account? If so, you already have a Blogger account, I believe. However, I agree, and lots of people are bitching about it to Google even now. We shall see what happens.
    Absolutely, paste away with that bad ol’ URL.
    Lentils. Ick. Srry.

  2. I’ve been irritated by the blogger changes, too. I do have a blogger account, but I don’t like the way it links everything up to my blogger profile, which was a pretty meaningless destination. (I also noticed tonight that it had somehow changed my profile to say that I’m in accounting. It kept trying to switch me back each time I’d update. Does blogger know something I don’t know?)
    Anyhow, I’ve started typing in my blog url in the comments.
    I hope the lentils worked out for you. I don’t make them often, as my husband can’t stand them, or most legumes, for that matter. But I like them.

  3. The change on Blogger is supposed to lead to the ability to use your ID from other sources (including Typepad) when commenting on Blogger blogs. They haven’t made it official yet – I found out about it via the “Google Operating System” blog (I’m trying to link in this comment, but it’s not working!) and changed my template accordingly, so you don’t have to use a Google/Blogger ID to comment there unless you actually want to.
    I tried a vegetable soup made with lentils last week, and it was SO good!

  4. I’m not a fan of the Blogger changes either. I mean, yes, I Gmail so I have a blogger account, but it’s not like the blogger account links directly into MY blog. It sure seems like a silly choice for them to have made, but I don’t doubt that they have a bigger vision in mind.
    Lentils…not really my thing.

  5. Yes, I would like the contact information you mentioned.
    Muchas gracias, amiga bonita.
    As for lentils, send me your recipe… I just bought a bag and I am looking to do something new.
    Momzilla stories…. oh, we can trade those all day long.

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