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I stand for Stephen Colbert.

I stand for him because he is, in one word, STEPHEN COLBERT: the man who’s managed to make fun of everyone with such subtlety and conviction that he could end up our President.

He can do it all, from op-ed columnist to published author to keynote speaker, not to mention being the GOD of late-night punditry.

Above all, I think that whether you love him or hate him you have to admit that he is a modern-day patriot– here to remind us that at the end of the day, America needs to laugh at itself if it is to rise from the ashes of this current mess. 

(Wait… does the flaming phoenix reference mean America is gay like Dumbledore?)

He is filled with hubris and charisma and above all, with such a large ego that you can’t help but think, "That Ego would look pretty stunning posing by a portrait of himself posing by a portrait of himself in the Oval Office."

(Oral Office?)

Stephen Tyrone Colbert for President, people.  In Facebook?  Join the group!

Pee Ess:  Happy Rainy Friday!  Wheeee!

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  1. You have forgotten the one thing that makes Colbert the genius he is: Stephen Colbert is a character being played by Stephen Colbert. That, along with everything else, makes him akin to the next Ronald Reagan, doesn’t it? Yeop, I think it does.

  2. Sorry, as great as I think Stephen Colbert is, I’m going to have to stick with my original write-in candidate: Jon Stewart. 🙂 I have a button and everything.

  3. OK, you convinced me. Since there are no other candidates I can get fully behind, I’ll go for Colbert.
    Oh, and I joined your group on NaBloPoMo. I think the name of the group is pretty much the most perfect thing I’ve seen.

  4. Oh, I’m not only on the bandwagon, I’m passing out refreshments. But are we aiming a little too low? I mean, doesn’t King Colbert have a nice ring to it?

  5. Yeah, it’s pretty much amazing. I ❤ Stephen Colbert.

  6. Baby, America is flaming! I mean, stars AND stripes? Who would try to get away with that without being really, really camp?

  7. heh. i just read this article in the l.a. times. check it out. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-web-stewart26oct26,1,462515.story?ctrack=3&cset=true
    i heart colbert. he’s hilarious!

  8. I was gone all weekend and just caught up with this post. However, we’re avidly following the Colbert campaign.
    It was my husband’s birthday this past weekend, and one of my gifts to him was a copy of “I Am America – And So Can You.” He’s been reading me excerpts for days – so funny, and so wrong.
    But I’m with Jen here; I’m a Jon Stewart girl. Unfortunately, I think he’s Canadian and therefore ineligible to run for President.

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