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Any Briefer And It Would Be A Thong

Hey there, Intynets!  Please click here and go read my rant today over at DC Blogs, as I make my contributing editorial debut!

Also, go on over to the Washington Post’s Express and see where my post of a few days ago was quoted!!!  Excitement!!!

Even more exciting?  Today the high seems to be hovering at 64 degrees!  I feel goosebumps and it’s cool!  This is SO awesome I can barely stand it. Woooooooooo!

Talk later– I have a toddler to wake up.

ETA:  Please also head on over to Apostrophe Abuse to see a wonderful picture I snapped during my Tampa holiday– and to check out the rest of the site, of courses!  Whee!

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One thought on “Any Briefer And It Would Be A Thong

  1. Wow! I am so impressed! Great job!
    It’s still going to get to the low 80s here today, but right now it’s 55… That’s encouraging!! 🙂

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