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Dscf8044So, you’d like to know what I’m thankful for, eh?  I’ll tell you:

1. I’m thankful(l) for this church, whose piety got in the way of their spelling and who regaled me with an excellent photo-op.  Ah, Florida… thank you ever so much for not being afraid of being ugly.  Hm.  More on that later.  If you’re a Floridian, please don’t be offended.   Okay.  Go ahead.  Be offended, but know thatI didn’t necessarily mean that as an insult.  If you’re a good Christian Floridian, you will understand.

2. I’m thankful for being home, safe and sound and in one piece thanks to the marvel of modern aviation.  Planes = still TEH AWESOME.

3. I’m thankful for friends who take care of Mlle. Gracie and the fishies, so we do not find a horrid carnage upon our return.  Dead pets = stinky and sad.

4. I’m thankful for a nice October balminess over the area.  What lovely, perfect weather!

5. I’m thankful for several characters we saw in Florida, like the live Momzilla-vs-Momzilla debaters; the weird-chewing gentleman chewing his chaw on our way to Busch Gardens; the 1¢-cashier; the weird man walking around in nothing but tighty-whiteys down Dale Mabry in the middle of a downpour; the not-so-subtle couple waiting to get a motel room; and the mother who didn’t seem to realize that her child was too big for the airport tot-lot –because he was jumping over other little kids’ heads, among other notables.  Thank you for the writing material, y’all!

6. Speaking of writing material, I’m thankful for all the lovely strip clubs we have ever encountered in the South.  Nothing says good Christian pious men like titty bars, huh?

7. I’m thankful to be writing again on my blog, although a real break this time felt wonderful.  I know… what a flake huh?  I totally had you wondering as to when I’d reappear?  Nah… not really :oP

Have a lovely rest of weekend, and be thankful that Christopher Columbus had a good press secretary, so you could have Monday off.

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5 thoughts on “Corny-Copious

  1. Welcome back, Madame M! And thanks for taking ME back – I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida during my high-school and college years. I have been gone for 20 years and haven’t once regretted leaving, and you’ve reminded me of why. Hope you enjoyed Tampa.

  2. sunchaser on said:

    I’m not a big fan of Florida (but I do really like the Cuban coffee you can get down in Miami).
    Yes, Tampa definitely does seem to have more “titty bars” than most major metro areas (I’ve been to anyway). Or is it that they’re all concentrated in one spot, near where many of the hotels are? It’s certainly a more visible part of the culture than in many other cities: “The Dollhouse” next to Starbucks, next to a Fidelity Investments branch office (which, also is an interesting photo-op).

  3. Who doesn’t need the occasional Monday off?

  4. i’ve never been too impressed with florida. i might like it more if it was less humid. and i did get a kick out of that jesus amusement park in orlando.
    which makes the abundance of strip clubs all the more ironic.

  5. Corny-Copious

    Bookmarked your post over at Blog Bookmarker.com!

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