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Go South, Young Woman

Ah yes.  I am pretty sure I neglected to mention this, but I’m traveling this week.

I’m somewhere in Hillsborough County, Florida, wondering what I’m doing so far south when there is much merriment in October to be had.

However I must tell you– it seems that the more improbable the October chilly air is, the harder people try to summon up as much festive spirit as humanly possible.  I don’t think that I’ve seen as many happily/gaudily decorated houses ever on OCTOBER FIRST as I have around here in just a smallish walk.

Incidentally, Happy October!

More on gaudiness and festive spirit to come, but for now have a lovely beginning of the Witching Month!

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3 thoughts on “Go South, Young Woman

  1. Happy traveling!
    Dont’ you just LOVE October?? My DH turns 50 (!!) this month, too… Happy month all around!!

  2. Halloweenies! One of my favorite holidays … but enjoy the Florida!

  3. I also love October and Halloween is tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday; but I’d be much more into the fall spirit if it wasn’t still 95 degrees and sunny, with the trees still full of lush greenness. I am actually going to a pool party today. Ah well..have fun in Florida!

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