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Surf, Turf, Lurrrrrrf

Ah.  Am blogging outdoors.  Is nice.


(edit– this post took well over a day to write, but since I liked the
way it started you get to read the whole bit as is.  If I were
blogging outside right now, my computer would be dead, as it is
raining.  hard)

I must say, there are few things as pleasurable as blogging outdoors.  The only more pleasurable thing would be to have some sort of full-time cabana boy getting me frou-frou little umbrella drinks and water with plenty of ice.

It helps to be in a good mood to tackle a seemingly easy but yet delicate and important meme.  Bohemian Girl tagged me for a Stuart Smalley ("…because I’m good enough…") meme and I am complying today.

I must say that today has been kind of a self-esteem day.  My friend Kat and I went to the beach with the little guys, which was a place I wasn’t sure I wanted to visit — mostly because I guess that I hadn’t realized how much of a body issue I’d developed after giving birth.

I jiggle.  I wobble.  I cottage-cheez.  I pucker in places that shouldn’t pucker.  I have muffin top.  I have stretchmarks.  I have way too many moles and I never shave that one spot on my calf that always has a few sticky-outy hairs.  And…. and there is always an and…. I am woefully white.  I don’t really tan at all, not even when I have tried (I have stopped).  I just burn, tan a microscopic amount, and then I’m back in white.  (Note to AC-DC: I smell comeback song)

I would have denied myself all summer from such a fun and simple treat as a trip to the beach, just because I intuited that I would look horrendous and FAT in my bathing suit.  And a bikini?  Hah.  Not unless I give ice cream up from this day forward.  But Kat pushed in a loving way and off we went.  And I was self-conscious, but glad.

And you know, I don’t think I looked too bad in my little one-piece; and it was all okay.  The beach was warm and relaxing and fun and forgiving.  And then there was a very large woman sunning herself with no problem and no self-consciousness, and there was a very pretty mom of an older kid looking great in a bikini.  And for a few hours, I could let go of my judgmental self and just build a castle in the sand.

And it was FUN.

So, without further ado and doing away with the false modesty bit, here are Ten Things I Like About Myself:

1. I like my eyes.  They hide behind glasses, it’s true, but they are large and almond-shaped and laced with very long eyelashes and framed by very expressive eyebrows that look plucked but seldom are.  They are boring and generic brown but it’s a pretty shade of light brown with flecks of yellow and green.

2. I like my feet.  Not only are they an ideal size for finding at every store–8 to 8 1/2– but they also stayed the same size after pregnancy and they are cute.  They have cute chubby toes and look good in really dark polish and don’t have a super-high instep or fallen arches or bunions or hammertoes or any permanent scars from years of abuse (yet).  And since I love shoes, my feet take one for the team more often than not when breaking in new shoes.  So, thank you feet.

3. I like being funny.  I’m pretty sure that even if people haven’t openly acknowledged it I have made them laugh out loud more than once, because that’s what I do and that’s who I am: Laughey McLaughingkins.  Go ahead: that was an atrocious non-pun and yet I see you rolling your eyes and suppressing a smile.   Within that funniness bit, I must admit I like coming up with nicknames for everyone and everything.  Now, you may not like the nickname I may come up with for you, but I can guarantee I’m in stitches.

4. I like my intuition.  We all have our shortcomings and our blind spots, but I know I can always rely on my sixth sense to help me out.  It’s a pretty good thing to have, and I think I have a pretty good one.  I can spot fakeness and weirdness half a mile away.  It seems to be temporarily disabled when pheromones are involved, but otherwise it’s a pretty good little intuition thingy.  The kind of intuition that is fabled by men –who sadly, tend to have it but don’t listen to it because "it’s a woman thing."

5. I like that I talk with my hands a lot.  I gesture and get involved and mimic and go for it whole-hog, and so people who don’t speak other languages understand me pretty well when asking for directions (which happens a lot, actually), or when I run into the random deaf lady on the street and need to know what kind of dog they are walking.  (it was a rat terrier, and the lady’s SideKick also came in handy).

6. I like my optimism.  I know I don’t sound very optimistic a lot of the time on here, but I am a chronic optimist who’s in a constant battle with her inner realist.  And honestly, while I know that the world is a rough and rude place, I still am glad when someone who’s routinely been austere and rude does something small to make me smile –like saying a hello out of the blue.  I take that small token and realize that there is potential for good and niceness in (almost) everyone.  And so, it takes very little to turn my frown upside down.  Or right-side up, as it were.

7. I like my ability to listen and observe.  Maybe that’s a two-in-one but oh well: I do think it’s two sides of the same coin, after all.  And listening and observing are essential if you want to get to know people, things, places and surroundings better.

8. Speaking of which, I really like my ability to read maps well.  I’m not just a passable map reader: I am a KICK ASS map reader.  I am an excellent navigator and I always like to explore new routes and figure out how to get from here to there in a better way.  Unfortunately, when I drive I also like to find new and better ways of getting places but since I can’t drive and safely look at a map, I end up getting lost in many new and interesting places.

9. I like my ability to find interesting things in the mundane.  I’ll sit through bad movies, cheesy shows, and watch people and wonder about the larger themes in what is going on –even if it’s not much of anything at all.   It saved me from boredom very often growing up as an only child, and it’s saved my butt more than once in my life as a worker bee.

10. This has to be said: I like my boobs.  Not only do they work –and how!– but they aren’t too big or too small and they look pretty good despite having taken quite a beating over these past almost two years.  Or rather, over two years because pregnancy takes quite a toll on them boobays to begin with.  So yes.  Boobies.

Alrighty.  Whoo…. I guess it’s hard to love oneself without hiding behind at least a little bit of silliness and/or self-consciousness.  Hmm.  So here: I’m tagging a few ladies so that they may cherish their favorite attributes.

Gents don’t usually need the shot of self-esteem in this way, but if any gents would like to be tagged, please speak up.. and as a matter of fact, if you want to self-tag, I highly encourage it.

I tag OC girl, Vixen, Jo, SoloMother,Empowered Kat, comebacknikki,  E:), valiens and the Devilish Southern Belle.

Have at it, ladies!  What do you love about yourselves?

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9 thoughts on “Surf, Turf, Lurrrrrrf

  1. Wow! This meme just keeps getting better. I love hearing what people like about themselves. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And you ARE funny, side-splitting hilarious. You always manage to get a chuckle out of me, at the very least. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Okay you guys email each other and decide who is going to tag me next don’t you? That makes FOUR damn memes I have to do now.
    You’re lucky I lurve you woman especially since you have boobies and I don’t! :p lol

  3. Ummm, ok, newbie blogger here, not sure what tagging is. Duh, am I supposed to go to my blog and write what I love about myself? Or do that in your comment section. Thanks for the mini blog lesson!
    And P.S. You looked very good in your bathing suit!

  4. Muffin top? What in the world is muffin top?
    I’m very glad you didn’t tag me in this. I would have had a hard time completing 10 things I like about me physically. I would have been very tempted to write about other things. πŸ˜›
    Blogging outside sounds lovely, but problematic. I have a desktop, and reaching in the window from the patio to write would be very uncomfortable!

  5. LOL TAG! You’re it, no tag backs… Ten things that happened to me on solomother.com
    will work on this after I go to the gym today… LOL
    love you lady. What you doin on Sunday?

  6. i lol’ed at #3. this is such a positive, self-esteem boosting post. i’ve got some stuff in the blog queue but i think i’m going to have to move this meme up to the very top…maybe postpone some debbie downer posts (aka my soapboxing posts). thank you for giving me something to look forward to doing! πŸ™‚

  7. This is a great list/great idea!
    #8 is a really good skill to have. I tend to be pretty good at navigating as well (by necessity, because some hospital corridors are remarkably similar to rat mazes).

  8. Lord. I will try, I will, I will. Gimme a couple of days to contemplate my navel…
    This is so wrong, but I find your list intimidating!!!! Ha! That’s not the idea, I know! Okay, okay, I can do this, because I’m special, and dammit, people like me.
    I love Stewart Smalley.

  9. Laughy McLaughingkins! Love it! I’m terrible with maps but I can find my way just fine somehow anyway.
    I’m so envious of your oh-so-perfect feet! πŸ˜€

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