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“Brief Laundry List” Does Not Include Chones

* Gypsy beats make you move like a piston– up-down-up-down-clapclapclap!  I recommend.

* I’ve discovered that"Sword Swallower" is intensely hard for me to say aloud– especially after imbibing.  But how many of you can say you’ve met a sword-swallowing bartender?

* Pink Gators (rums, sour, grenadine, pineapple juice, cherry) are hella girly, but good.

* It is WAHM outside.  Not just warm– it’s pretty sticky and icky out there.  Have a looksee (click to enlarge):


Yikes, right?  Especially Wednesday, that shizznit sounds pretty awful. 
But you know what?  It’s summer!  It’s supposed to be hot and we’re supposed to enjoy it because it’s brief and ephemeral and part of the cycle of living!
When we’re freezing our asses off sometime in January, flu-ridden and buried under snow, we’ll think fondly of August the Eighth and the memory of that evil scorcher will warm us a little– even if we didn’t even venture out on that hot, hot day but instead clung to the icy walls of our favorite mall, water-cooler room, or emergency room ward.
And then we’ll cry and whine about having run out of Puffs, our dignity feebly stuck to the shirtsleeve we’ve just used as a tissue.

* You all had better remind me to reread this on Wednesday, when I’m whining about the heat.

* Jasmine seems to be winning.  Any other opinions?

* "What is Chones?" you ask.  Why, click here and find out my dears!

Keep cool and hydrated, y’allz!

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2 thoughts on ““Brief Laundry List” Does Not Include Chones

  1. ugh. it’s disgustingly hot outside. i am not looking forward to wednesday and its 100 degree forecast.
    i miss california. i’ll take dry heat over this any day.

  2. OOOOOHH, I’ve never heard of, let alone had, a Pink Gator before. But they sound sooo yummy!
    I once dated a swordswallowing guy. Performance artist, though, not a bartender. I’d like to see your swordswallower/bartender.

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