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(Fragrant) Basket Case


Frugal August was off to a good start, until the email from Logee’s arrived.

(incidentally, if you’re a gardener and like Logee’s, enter "EMAIL" in the coupon section when you order)

I thought I would be strong… do not need a Dianthus… do not want a Mandevilla…

… Viola.

Yup.  They have sweet violets on sale, the bastards.
I recently acquired a baggie of seeds through eBay, but don’t trust myself with them since I’ve never grown them from seed.

And of course, once in the clutches of Logee’s, I see that they have hardy jasmine AND hardy gardenias.

*writhes in Scrooge McDuck-like agony*

Okay.  Violets are coming home, but what else? 


Leave a comment if you’d like to weigh in on jasmine vs. gardenia.  I leave you with cuteness and wishes for a happy weekend:

Master of My Domain

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4 thoughts on “(Fragrant) Basket Case

  1. Mmmmmm…jasmine is my favorite.
    Adorable pic! 🙂

  2. Think of all the enjoyment your new plants will bring you! I personally like both, but have neither. This post *did* remind me that I need to go out today and re-pot the dozen or so tiny mimosa saplings I brought home from my mom’s last weekend.

  3. What a cutie!! I say go for the jasmine, but what do I know? All the plants but 2 have been eaten in my apartment…and not by me.

  4. oh my goshness. how adorable!

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