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Best-Coast Zombie

I’m blogging twenty-five hundred miles away from home.  This is a little weird– foremost because of the following:

1.  These keys are way too hard to press.  They require King-Kong strength in your fingers,

2. I’m typing with eyes at half-mast and with my head tilted back a little so I can see because I can barely keep my eyes open,

3. I’m not used to blogging while looking out a window.  This is way too bright.  I’m intimidated by a window.

Other than that and, you know, the distance –and the lack of sleep, and the way the light filters like magic through the afternoon fog, and the weirdness of running into a very old friend at Trader Joe’s ("does she skip a day at that friggin’ place?" you ask),  and the deliciousness of Tillie Gort’s cavorting in my stomach, and the vestiges of airplane recycled air making my sinuses squirm, I’m here and… uh, no, I guess I’m straight?  But I’m quite gay because I’m in California!!!!!  YAY!

I’ll be taking a few days off, but thank you for being out there, Internets!  And thank you , Jo!  (I’ll do my bit asap ;o)

Have a lovely weekend!

On the agenda?

1. Sleep
2. More sleep
3. Did I mention sleep?

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2 thoughts on “Best-Coast Zombie

  1. awww…you’re in Cali? i’m so jealous! 🙂

  2. Oh! I LOVE California. Are you still there? How is/was it? What are/were you doing there? Kiss the sunshine for me.

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