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Do They Have a Fourth of July In England?

Yes, of course they do, silly!


It’s neatly ensconced between the third of July and the fifth of July.  Quite convenient, is it not?




You mean, do they celebrate American Independence Day?


Well…. wouldn’t that be a little like Tina Turner sending red roses to Ike Turner on their anniversary?
Then again, maybe not. 


The British do not collectively do cocaine– they let Pete Doherty take one for the team.   And as far as I know, the US is not an abused wife.

(and plus, there was no blow back in the 18th century, but don’t tell LiLo that)


Oh wait!  You mean, do they have a day where they blow things up and have all manner of cool fireworks?  They do:  it’s called Guy Fawkes night and I hear it’s the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetGuy Fawkes and pals tried to blow up Parliament, you know.


I know huh?  Apparently crazy-assed bombers, assassins, conspirators and murderers are not solely in the realm of our kooky, violent, terrorist-mad world.  I bet you knew that, huh, Mr. Lincoln?

Happy fifth of July, everyone!  Have a nice one.

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5 thoughts on “Do They Have a Fourth of July In England?

  1. Vixen on said:

    *grins* I knew all that. My family is related to Guy.

  2. Well now, and Canada Day was what, the 2nd I believe? Perhaps we should have a Canada-America-UK day of some sort …

  3. Hello. Wow Fourth Of July In England was something I wasn’t sure about. Thanks for the info.

  4. That’s good info.

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