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Electronic Shoe Therapy

Herr Meow is sick.

We didn’t sleep much last night and he’s been very clingy and needy all day today.  Thank goodness, Monsieur Meow came home early and is giving me a nice break while I nurture my soul and have a quiet moment to myself.

My way to unwind?  Enter "Chie+Mihara" into Google.

Just do it.  It will restore your faith in art, beauty, and shoes.

Oh, shoes… uplifters of the height, restorers of the soul.

You know… it just popped into my mind that whatever damage is sustained by what the mouth says/does/erupts, the feet can always make up for it.  Pedicures…. foot massages…. the perfect pair of shoes.. they all erase years of McDonald’s abuse, root canals, and toddlers’ teething woes –if only for a little while.

If only for a little while.

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One thought on “Electronic Shoe Therapy

  1. I feel your pain, and share your passion.
    There was a time when my girlfriends called me Imelda. That may not have been completely fair, but what are friends for? And sick Baby D is trying to merge with my left breast, but her sniffles and fever make her grumpy about it.
    Time for another juice pop.

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