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In Like A Lion, Purring

Some days I realize how much I love certain things.  And of course, being who I am, I feel I must share those things with strangers.

So without further ado, a small list of things to whet your palate:

1. I love Capitol Hill.  I will even go so far as to aver that Capitol Hill is THE AWESOMEST Washington DC neighborhood, therefore possibly enraging the über electic hipsters over in Dupont Circle, and the  diverse trendsetters in Adams Morgan, which I do not wish to do because they can kick my ass with their cool shoes and their sardonic glances.  I do not care if I enrage the Georgetowners, however– I can beat them down with my awesomeness singlehandedly. 
Okay– back to my point: there is simply no better neighborhood than Capitol Hill to walk around and see pretty and culturally-stimulating things and be a mom (and drink awesome coffee, and get cute baby things and cute things for grown-ups  too).  Now, mind you, anyone can be a mom anywhere, but there are few places on earth where in the span of six blocks you can run into loads of people you have met thanks to the networking efforts of the neighborhood itself and know that people are not just friendly but actually looking out for you.  This place is kid and mom friendly, and every outing is an opportunity to make a friend or just chat to someone nice: that is the kind of overwhelmingly nice atmosphere one can find around here.  It’s like a village, which is what is necessary to raise a child.  *dabs tear*

2. I love edamame.  It’s good; it’s easy; it’s good for you.  And even baby loves it :o)

3. I love THIS LIP GLOSS!!!! *SWOOOOOOOON*  This lip gloss will make you feel so very sophisticated and moisturized, you will light a candle at my altar if you should buy it.

4. I am loving this duvet cover and sham set from Ikea.  I TOLD you Ikea was evil.

5. Looooooooving the awesomest book EVER (more on this as I read more of it), called "The Female Brain." It explains so much you’ll want to burst into tears of grateful recognition. 

6. I must give a shoutout to one of my favorite gossip sites ever because it’s very funny and you’ll want to go read often: idontlikeyouinthatway.com

7. Finally, if you live in the DC Metro area and you want to do something really romantic and original for your sweetheart, contact the Singing Capital Chorus. I don’t think there is anything more romantic than being serenaded with song, and these guys are great :o)

If there are things you would like to share with me and which fill you with joy, please either comment or email me.  I love trying out new things and having new loves. 

Happy March, everybody!

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