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Bentleys In The Dark

This morning I woke up in the middle of a weird/bad nightmare.

I don’t like that feeling: the feeling that you’re living in a harsh alternate reality where all your most ridiculous fears unfurl like fetid roses at your feet and you’re powerless when it comes to making it all stop.

Of course, this being my brain, my nightmare was particularly hilarious when retold to another person whilst awake: the gist of the nightmare was that Courteney Cox-Arquette was really mad at me and was avoiding me because… well, because at first I was mean to Jennifer Aniston (I seriously almost wrote "what’s-her-face" because she’s become THAT unmemorable to me), and later because she thought I wasn’t a feminist.
I kept on trying to talk to her and explain myself (as it seemed that even though she bugged me terribly in my dream, we were on close speaking terms and it reeeeeeeally felt like high school never ended, lemme tell you).  I finally caught up with her and told her that I was NOT a feminist because I believed that being a feminist was tantamount to putting women above men and I believed the sexes to be equal.

And then I think my brain, stunned with the copious amounts of bullcrap it produces and which make it feel dirty –as dirty as one feels when watching a Venezuelan soap opera,– woke me up. 


First and foremost let me clarify: I am not a Courteney Cox-Arquette fan.  I have absolutely NO idea what she was doing in my dreams, because it’s not like she is a regular in the crazy-celebrity carnival.
Also, I am not sure that one’s feminism or lack thereof is something that a celebrity can judge one on, you know?  I mean… talk about being simple puppets for others’ entertainment, right?

Also, and if you’re listening, Courteney, Jennifer Aniston totally sucks.  And she’s kinda fugly.  So there.


But then I started thinking, "What if your day, EVERY DAY, were nothing but a nightmare?"

Wouldn’t life be absolutely awful?

My thoughts are with someone whose life sucks with a capital everything.  That someone is called Elliot Mintz, and if you pray, please remember this poor sad man in your prayers today.

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