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But You Catch More Flies With Honey!

Dear readers,

Will you all be my Valentines?  Because I wanted all of you to know that I love you, truly and unsarcastically.  I know that there is much anti-Valentine’s day sentiment out there, but it smatters of old-fashioned Vinegar Valentines –and no one should receive insults  or nasty things on a day which already charges such a heavy toll on the psyche of anyone who is not happily (or otherwise) paired up.

But I think that Valentine’s day is not just about romantic love.  It is about all kinds of love, and as such it should be embraced and enjoyed– like a big box of chocolates!  So, dear readers, I LOVE YOU!

I love that you take time out of your day to read what I have to say, and I love that you sometimes poke in the archives and read blasts from the past.  I love that some of you leave me happy –or pithy, or wise, or just funny– little comments.  The comments are great, and while I don’t usually reply to most of them, I like to email you back if you’ve ever replied to my posts, or mention you down the line.  I also like to add you to my Deva Roll, because you’re all gods and goddesses in my mind and I bow to the divinity inside each and every one of you. 

I am sincere.  I love you all.  And since Valentine’s day is all about showing your love (or at least it should be), I thought you should know how I feel, and how thankful I am whenever I click on my trusty little SiteMeter stats.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, one and all!


Madame Meow

PS: I remember looking forward many years ago to The Onion‘s fine Valentine’s day cut-out cards.  This year they are a little more sedate but just as funny.  Click here to send one to someone special!

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4 thoughts on “But You Catch More Flies With Honey!

  1. We love you too.

  2. Patrick on said:

    Second that!

  3. Awww…
    *hands over a dozen virtual roses*

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