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This Would Be The Insult

Monsieur Meow is sick enough to stay home.  A rarity, this, but fair enough: the poor dear sounds like a leaky faucet and actually groans unprompted on occasion (he also will not be asked to read this blog entry).

It seems our illness is a particularly vicious strain, however.  This is from earlier today:

    Madame M: (still groggy from sleep) Guess what song I have stuck in my head?
    Monsieur M: Mmwhat?
    Madame M: That stupid Paris Hilton song.  I refuse to sing it.  Make it stop though.

And just now, confirmation:

    Monsieur M: (humming sheepishly to himself) Oh God, I have a stupid song stuck in my head too.
    Madame M: What is it?
    Monsieur M: It’s this one song, I forget what it’s called… (sings chorus)
    Madame M: Is that "I Adore Mi Amor"?????  You have Color Me Badd stuck in your head???
    Monsieur M: Uh…. I guess so.  Ugh.  It sucks.
    Madame M: I’m looking it up on iTunes.
    Monsieur M: DO NOT BUY IT.  Just, you know, look it up.

So guess what I now have stuck in my head.

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