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Randomata– The “I Need Sleep” Edition

Sorry… Rev. Mom is visiting and I’m getting a little bit of a breather with the baby (it’s amazing the things you can do when there is another person as a backup during the day!  Wow!).  So… and don’t hate me for this… my closets are getting a little more organized and my house is starting to look a little more spruced up and I’m getting just a little bit closer to my idol, The Martha.

Several things:

1. It’s sad that Anna Nicole died, as with any death– and CNN is making sure that everyone understands it, over and over (thank you, Larry King).  But inasmuch as I am intrigued by her cause of death (too much Trimspa?  drugs? the nefariousness that is Howard K. Stern?), and as sad as I am by the fact that poor Danielynn Hope –in addition to being saddled with a mildly ridiculous name– is now an orphan with an unknown daddy, who lost her only other family in a senseless "accident," it seems to me that her death is getting way too much attention.  Then again, it is pretty shocking, but… oh, I don’t know.  Anna Nicole was just so…. so… so….. "byooooooooo-teee-foool duuueeeeets."

But okay, who thinks Howard K. Stern did it?  That guy looks like such a sleazebag, seriously.
And what was the baby doing by itself in the Bahamas without her mommy anyway?  Shouldn’t five-month old babies be with their moms? (Then again, not every mother feels like hanging out with her baby– something that I can’t quite understand.  That will be a very caustic topic for another soapboxing session.)

2. Speaking of Playmates (dead or otherwise), that show on E! called "The Girls Next Door" TOTALLY grows on you.  Watch it at your own peril.

3. Why do I find myself rooting for Kevin Federline all of a sudden?  I wish him well, and I am kind of happy that his commercial was funny.  I find myself wishing he rapped better.  I wonder if he’s an okay daddy.  Actually, I find BritBrit seems to have some sort of Midas touch with her exes– they go on to be better off without her, and be more fascinating because of it.  (Except for Jason Alexander)

4. It’s cold.  Wah.

5.  You know what bugs me?  This "sudden" discovery that a) a virus causes cancer and b) the pushing of the vaccine.  While I think it’s great that people are getting educated, that is just the kind of information that can be misinterpreted to encourage reckless behavior in people who don’t quite understand how the whole vaccination thing works.

Hm.  That’s about it for now.  I will be puttering around the house for the next few days (you could call it a vacation….) but do watch this space.  ;o)

Keep warm!  (or cool, as it may apply)

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3 thoughts on “Randomata– The “I Need Sleep” Edition

  1. The discovery of the virus and development of that vaccine occurred at the institution where I am at this very moment sitting. Betcha didn’t know that was Australian!

  2. I love my daughter very much but I used to look forward to the times when my parents would pick her up and return her three days later. It gave me some time to re-energize and it gave my husband and myself time to be a couple. Also by the dawn of the third day we were eagerly awaiting her return. It also gave her a chance to bond with her grandparents. At least with my parents, my husband’s family never showed as much interest in being with her. It made a big difference in my daughter’s life and growing up she was almost as close with my Mom as she was with me.
    It was really cute the day Mom went out with the two of us and someone was talking to my daughter (age 3 at the time) and asking who she was with. She proudly pointed to me and said I was her Mommy then pointed to Mom and said “This is Mommy’s Mommy and that makes her a Grand Mother but I call her my Nandi.” You could hear the capitalization in her voice. Mom loved it.

  3. I can totally understand that, Vix, but did you pack her up at five months of age? That seems a little young to me.
    BTW your daughter sounds totally cute :o)

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