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Shining The Flashlight…

I’ve been informed that it’s Delurking Week this week (thank you and your comment, Melissa!).

Honestly?  It kind of makes me nervous because if no one comments and all I hear is the proverbial sound of crickets in the night, it’s kinda gonna be bad for my ego.  And my ego is, like, totally huge– it sleeps on a king-sized bed.  Upstairs.

But anyway… let us end the week with some sort of bang and let me please thank you in advance for your readership!  And happy MLK Jr. day to all of you! 

And because I am the giving sort, I am leaving you with a song that evokes all manner of good things for me: it reminds me of good friends who now live too, too far away, and of simpler times and complex emotions and of drinking way too much Scarlet tea.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :o)


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5 thoughts on “Shining The Flashlight…

  1. I’m not really decloaking the Bobulan War Bird as I’ve never read you before and found your blog off the recently updated blogs lists…that being said you seem to have a good sense of humor and style. Here is the thing, don’t worry much about how many commenters/readers you have, you can install statcounter and track it obsessively like me or you can just make a blog that makes you happy and eventually readers will find you. I didn’t have many for a long time but eventually got a regular core group of cool ones. Hang in there!

  2. Delurking so your ego doesn’t have to downsize to a queen size. 🙂

  3. I’m delurking. Although I just found you so does that mean I’m a lurker if I’ve not been here before? Maybe I’m really just a newbie saying “hi, I like your blog?” Who knows?

  4. I suppose that I *should* delurk for this. Howdy!

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