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Jellicle Cats, Jaleo, Johnny Jump-Ups, and Jebus Cwist Also Made The List

A few days ago I was assigned a letter by comebacknikki: this would be a letter under which ten of my favorite things are listed.   I will try to attempt said meme, but my head is still abuzz over so many things– especially since I just went to check in on her blog and she revealed she’s had a very sad loss in her family.  To her I am sending my deep condolences and warm thoughts.

A new year filled with possibilities, but yet it is all so much of the same. 

My letter is J.

1. January. 
I’ve always liked the artificial idea of a new beginning.  Of course, one can claim all beginnings are artificial, but certainly none are as arbitrary as the start of a calendar year.  And yet, everything feels oddly new: like a new chance at redemption.  Like you never had all that champagne and you didn’t forget the order of the numbers while counting backwards.

Like this:

2. Jasmine.
Well people, here I am in the middle of winter and thinking of summer smells.  It must be yet another symptom of the human condition shining through, but I keep thinking of summer and of wearing less clothing (after years of yearning for the chance to wear wool until my skin turned red), and of going to a warm beach and of buying a Radio Flyer wagon and pushing Herr Meow to Eastern Market and purchase seasonal produce.   Yes.  All my fantasies involve retail activities.

3. Jemima (Aunt)/Jacks (Flap).
One of the many reasons I married Monsieur Meow could be summed up with those two words– namely, he makes me pancakes and waffles.  Mind you, sometimes his experimentation yields such cooking horrors as ultra dense waffles with no salt, but there is still romance in eating something closer in consistency to gak than to breakfast food and knowing that someone made it for you.

4. Jiggers, Jeroboams.
And magnums, and methuselahs and splits and pints and fifths.  Yup: I like alcohol.

5. Jammies (footed).
I have always loved them.  And now that I get to see a little person wearing them all over the house, my fondness of them has skyrocketed.

6. Japanese Jumble.
Specifically, sushi rolls and tonkatsu and shabu-shabu and tempura and miso soup and beer and cute little tea sets and Hello Kitty and nekos and chopsticks and Iron Chef and sakura in the spring.  And even sakura in the winter, because we have some trees around here blooming very early (picture to come soon).

7. Jam and jelly.
Always a good way to start the morning, jams and jellies are happiness in a small jar. 

8. Jellies. Janes (Mary)
And espadrilles, boots, pumps, kitten heels, flip-flops, etc.  Shoes are not just wonderful and rife with Freudian meaning, you know.  Shoes are the *other* windows to the soul.  If you want to know things about people that they do not want to tell you, look at their shoes– thereon lie all answers. 

9. Jolene.
Pretty name, pretty song(s).  Listen?


10. Jammin’, Jivin’, James Brown!!!
Okay, music.  I have tried to be a music snob several times and I’m happy to inform that all times were unsuccessful.  I like Billy Joel, ABBA, the Spice Girls, American Idol winners and also-rans, Mariah Carey’s crazy ass, Whitney, Justin Timberlake, J. Lo. and pretty much any oldies song.  I even like Britney Spears’s old stuff, and AND AND!  I have a soft spot in my heart for ALL boy bands, even if their songs are able to trigger sugar shock in people with iron-clad pancreata (<— cool plural, huh?  I had to look it up).


New Year’s Resolution: To fill my world with music, and to fill my blog with multimedia.  Thanks to my bud Maxwell Patrick for the radio.blog.club referral– it was SO AWESOME to see you and M!

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