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Resolution: To Party Like a Pro

I was readying myself to write a sweet, maudlin, and grateful entry for perhaps the most amazing (and exhausting) year of my  life yet.

Then a couple of things happened:

1. I went over to K’s blog, A Yoga Coffee Outlook, and she had possibly THE best pictorial/reason to stay home tonight.  Please go (by clicking here) and laugh merrily…. ah.  Your last laugh of ’06, Comedy Central be damned.

2. Metroblogging DC had an excellent reminder of the same sad phenomenon– also very funny– and which you can find here.

3.( <— This item officially makes it not "a couple" but what the heck) The Meows went for a long and invigorating walk around The Mall, and enough pictures were taken to bid 2006 adieu in photoblogging style. 

Without further ado, my wishes to you all that you should not be caught up in the frenzy that is Amateur Night or if you do, to remember "Beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, all in the clear."  Thank you for checking in all through this year: I look forward to sharing the love in ’07.

But before I go, here are the  Mall Snapshots:

Make sure that in the New Year, you always have someone getting your back.  And by "someone" I mean Godzilla. 

In Godzilla We Trust

All those people, standing in line for hours to see Ford… or well, his casket.  May you make better decisions in 2007, because seriously: waiting in the cold to see a box with a dead person inside –no matter how famous– is really not a way to end the year, in my humble opinion.

Take time out of your busy schedule to do things that you love.  Just make sure that if you love taking relaxing swims in the Reflecting Pool, you remember to bring a bathing suit.  Or something.

Chillaxin' In The Pool

May there be love, romance, and a big allusion to a penis in your near future.

A Place Where Two People Might Meet

And finally, don’t forget to be a kid at heart, always.
Choo-choo!!! #1Choo-choo!!! #2Choo-choo!!! #3Choo-choo!!! #4

Happy New Year 2007 everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Resolution: To Party Like a Pro

  1. Thanks for the link… those photos make me laugh… I’m sure there is some sort of documentation to my amateur days out there. Now I will be thinking about giant penis’s… Making my “decision” even more difficult.

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