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Mini-Randomata: Holidays Approaching!

I’ve been awfully neglectful on my posting as of late. Normally I try to post at least a little bit every day, but I think that the holiday spirit makes things a little extra weird for everyone.

Several thoughts:

1. At the parking lot at Trader Joe’s –the gloriously gramatically-correct store we ran into a heated argument right by our car between a woman in a black car and who had just finished backing into her parking spot (a HUGE pet peeve of ours) and a lady with a shopping bag, that went as follows… sort of:

LADY WITH SHOPPING BAG: Excuse me! EXCUSE ME! I cannot believe you just did that! You nearly killed me and I KNOW you did it on purpose.


LWSB: You KNOW what you did! Back at the intersection, you stopped and then you kept going and you did it ON PURPOSE! DON’T DENY IT!

(small stunned pause wherein I thanked my lucky stars for our having parked right there)

WIBC: Are you crazy? What are you talking about? I did no such thing.

(WIBC gets out of the car. She is the picture of hippiedom and looks more out of it than Rip Torn.)

LWSB: I SAW YOU! You tried to run me over!

WIBC and LWSB cackle incomprehensibly for about 30 seconds, and then LWSB lunges for WIBC, who successfully dodges

WIBC: I gotta go. (grabs hippie purse and exits, stage left)

LWSB: This is not the end of this! You’re going to regret this!!! I am WRITING DOWN YOUR LICENSE PLATE!!!!

As we walked away, I couldn’t help but truly wonder: was all that anger warranted from the Lady With the Shopping Bag? And, more importantly, why did the Woman In the Black Car see the need to run her over or back into her parking spot?

Is this what the holidays do to people?


2. If you’re stuck in Denver, I am sorry :o(

But look at it on the bright side: Wilmer Valderrama could be in your airport and you could be stuck in a mediocre movie… and wouldn’t THAT suck?


3. If you fear nothing else in your life, fear one thing: The Maryland Driver, especially when provoked


4. Happy winter solstice, a few hours late: we entered winter (and therefore Capricorn) at 7:22 pm EST yesterday. So crack open some rum and keep warm! Yeah!


5. The two shortest days of the year were yesterday and today, clocking in at a dismal 9 hours, 26 minutes and 22 seconds. After yesterday and today, it’s nothing but long, long, LONGER DAYS!!!!!!!! Wheee! Let there be light!!! And hooray for timeanddate.com!


6. It’s almost Christmas, people! I hope all the shopping, blood, sweat and tears were worth it!

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3 thoughts on “Mini-Randomata: Holidays Approaching!

  1. Merry Christmas…
    That sign was not correct the other day… It may well be one of the many differences between American and Australian English (there are MANY), but here that just wouldn’t wash!

  2. It’s an unfortunate fact that this time of year brings out a lot of the Bowler Hat Brigade even though they’re not wearing their hats – you know they’re out there!
    Hope You Have a Safe and Merry Xmas!!!

  3. Hi E :),
    Whilst I’m certainly not going to lecture anyone on grammar(although from what I’ve now read I believe that the grammatically correct usage is indeed ‘fewer’ from a technical point of view). I’ve got to take you up on ‘here it wouldn’t wash’ comment. I’m in Brisbane too and the amount of simple spelling mistakes on signage here is staggering so I don’t know if we get to say that it wouldn’t wash here!
    It can be argued that grammar is a regional thing but spelling is universal –
    “New South Wales schools have put up several signs supplied by the Department of Education that warn trespassers that school grounds are ‘inclosed land’ with ‘enclosed’ beginning with an I instead of an E.”
    I’m not trying to be a S.T. (check out E’s blog post on dec 22 to see what that stands for – I think the filter would remove my comment if I were to repeat the term!!)

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