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The Ravages of Not-So-Old Age

I was posting a few minutes ago about just how AWFUL Oksana Baiul looks for just having turned TWENTY-NINE years old. I was reminiscing about my freak-out over turning thirty earlier in the year and about how old I felt, bla bla bla, and then about how it’s acutally better once you get over it and have the birthday already. I was also gloating over the fact that I don’t look like I fell off the skank whore tree, hitting all the branches on the way down, and that despite a rough year with moves and a baby and loads of different climate patterns, my skin still manages to look kind of dewy (but it could just be grease and lack of astringent on occasion). I was even trying to experiment with some html to make my post more visually appealing and more like a demonstration. And then I was going to take over the White House. And byaah.

And then Herr Meow decided to turn off the computer. Because my ego, apparently, was getting out of control.

But seriously though, if you want to feel better about your age NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE, click here —Birthday Sluts on Dlisted— and thank Oksana for an unhealthy lifestyle and a makeup addiction.

Holy crap.

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One thought on “The Ravages of Not-So-Old Age

  1. Ugh. She does look horrible – like a 40-something old woman trying to look like a twenty-something.

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