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Randomata– Cold-As-The-Hounds-Of-Hell Edition

It’s not even 40 degrees outside although the sun is shining brightly. If Halloween felt like a tropical bird of a day — a little flashy, a little whimsical, a little out of place, and a little like a gift– then that bird is dead and stuffed today. Or maybe just dead and half-mauled by whichever little vermin encountered, dead of a heart attack.

Several things, for your consideration:

1. For Your Consideration comes out on November 22nd. The Monsieur and I are so giddy, it’s kinda silly. Christopher Guest, people!!!!!! CHRISTOPHER GUEST!!!!!!

2. I am vexed, annoyed, irritated, dismayed…. etc, etc, etc, about those horrible little flags that Redskins fans fly on their cars. They irritate me because from far away they look…. well, they look *important*. Maybe it’s the president of some small country? Maybe it’s a consul? But then you get up close and surpise, oh surprise: it’s nothing but an old Caprice Classic in bondo grey, and the flags are in tatters.

3. It’s cold. I mentioned that already but I’m mentioning it again.

4. I’ve been thinking about a girl I used to know whose birthday it is today. So Jacquie, wherever you may be, I still remember. Happy birthday, girl!

5. Nanowrimo is smoothly sailng ahead– and I am surprised– although what I’ve written so far is so full of weird anger issues I should probably print it out and send it to a therapist. Yikes.

6. I overuse “although” and “of course.” Argh.

7. I wonder if, whilst stuck in traffic on any of the bridges, people stare and smile at the beauty and history around them. My guess is “no.” Traffic here is not just rude and thick, but has a bad attitude.

8. Would the hounds of hell be really cold? I’m thinking mixed metaphor here. It’s probably not working.

There you go. Couldn’t get a randomer randomata if you tried. Okay. I tried.

Have a good weekend, all.

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