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Doomed To Repeat It

My inbox is regularly glutted with the canned wisdom BabyZone, BabyCenter, American Baby, and the evil shrews behind Enfamil— whose newsletter is actually not as intrusive as the others, and is pretty thoughtfully put together, except for the militant drone of, “give… child.. formula,” not unlike a zombie, requesting braaaaaaaaaaains.

Overall, each has a few kernels of good wisdom and I appreciate the service. Unfortunately, they all seem to read the same baby books so things sound pretty similar. That, and there is the small fact that –though they are exciting– there is only so much you can do to jazz up childhood milestones.

However, this morning I received BabyZone’s “Your Child at 11 Months” newsletter, and this item made me chuckle, if anything because…. well, you be the judge:

Hmm. I distinctly remember meeting 24-year olds (and 33-year olds, and 45-year olds too) whose idea of diplomacy is to not tack on, “BITCH” at the end of their sentences.

BabyZone: not just for babies anymore.

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