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Country Roads, They Took Me Home

2,200-something miles later, I am back. I have road tan and I’m oddly well-rested and feeling exhilarated but kind of… *sigh.*

When you’re traveling, there is no better place than home. I dreamt of our cool walls and our flights of stairs (for Herr Meow) and of the patch of sunlight that streams through the kitchen window and allows a pretty peek at the neighbor’s backyard.

I’m incredibly happy to be back, and happier still to read all the nice comments left by you guys! And it’s nice to be able to kick back and relax and do laundry and it will be lovely to sleep in m own bed…

..but the adventure and the leisure of the open road and the vagrant life, ah! There is a bit of a vagabond in all of us, isn’t there?

Welcome back, me! *cheers*

Oh and just because I feel like doing something silly, here you go:

Guess where?

If you guess where this is, within 10 miles, I might give you something– like a pat on the back. Or maybe something more fun.

More later!!!

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