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Bitter, Live From the Blogosphere

This morning, The Meow woke up far too early– 5:30 am. After nursing him back to sleep and tucking him back in, I enjoyed some leisurely grown-up time, reading the paper and realizing that our post-apocalyptic culture really has it in for

a) the TV viewer

b) the blogger


c) our ears.

Even that little featurette that appears every time you fire up your browser proclaims that bloggers will be obsolete in 10 years.

I can tell you one thing: as long as people are willing to make asses of themselves, there will ALWAYS be room for them. They may not get paid much (and please, do make sure you go to the Connie Chung video) but by Golly….. where there is room for exhibitionism, you will find exhibitionists.

In the wrong order, here are some of the things I read:

First and foremost, there is way too much ink wasted regarding Katie Couric’s gig at CBS. And now, Charles Gibson’s move to ABC night news deal– and how real he is; and how unconcerned with ratings he is; and did we mention he’s just a nice guy? And Dan Rather’s exit. And bla bla bla. This all could be prevented if I hadn’t read the TV column, but seriously…. most people don’t even watch the evening news. And by people I mean, “anyone under 90.”

But the cake topper of that piece (and, truly, of the whole human experience involving anchors and co-anchors) is, of course, Connie Chung’s I-can’t-believe-she’s-not-drunk tribute to Maury, “Thanks For The Memories” The sound you hear once you stop watching is Bob Hope, rolling in his grave.

Maybe Katie Couric could have picked up a few tips from La Chung?


But then again, you still need an audience, which is why Charles Gibson’s unconcern for the Nielsen ratings is bullshit.

We all need an audience because we are all social animals after all. So here comes my favorite strip, EVER, to set it all right. Take it away, Rat.

Won’t you shed a tear for me?

Pearls Before Swine
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2 thoughts on “Bitter, Live From the Blogosphere

  1. Un-con-troll-able – need – to – respond. Must – leave – comment.
    (Insert Shatner voice at will.)
    Connie frightens me even more now.

  2. Lol! Thanks for the comment! :oD
    (…and isn’t she just the scariest?? O.o)

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