A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


Okay, so Federer lost. Myeh.


Australia Vs. Japan.

The Australians are making way more shots, but the Japanese so far have made the shots that actually *count*– 56th minute, Japan winning so far.

The Japanese have a lightness on their feet and a trove of elegant shots. The Australians are aggressive, but the loser place is not suiting them. They are getting frustrated.

Meowie nurses while I watch

Suddenly, in Spanish, I shout angrily at a beautiful but wasted Japanese shot, “¿PERO QUE ES ESA MIERDA?” –What kind of shit is that?

Meowie jerks up, releases the nipple, looks at me with wide-open and delighted eyes.

Waits for any more fireworks.

I sit, stunned at the fact that out of all the things I’ve said out loud, he zeroes in on the three seconds of foul language.

He baby-shrugs, and goes back to eating.

I am in so much trouble.

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