Okay, so Federer lost. Myeh.


Australia Vs. Japan.

The Australians are making way more shots, but the Japanese so far have made the shots that actually *count*– 56th minute, Japan winning so far.

The Japanese have a lightness on their feet and a trove of elegant shots. The Australians are aggressive, but the loser place is not suiting them. They are getting frustrated.

Meowie nurses while I watch

Suddenly, in Spanish, I shout angrily at a beautiful but wasted Japanese shot, “¿PERO QUE ES ESA MIERDA?” –What kind of shit is that?

Meowie jerks up, releases the nipple, looks at me with wide-open and delighted eyes.

Waits for any more fireworks.

I sit, stunned at the fact that out of all the things I’ve said out loud, he zeroes in on the three seconds of foul language.

He baby-shrugs, and goes back to eating.

I am in so much trouble.

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