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A Brief Randomata

Is anyone else struck by the ass-kissing that goes on in certain blogs?

Is anyone else also struck by how, in MySpace, it seems that people just kinda collect friends even if they only hold a tenous link in common? As if to say, “oooo… I have 174 friends; ergo, I am way cooler than you are.”

Of course, there are people who network way more.

And people who have more natural charisma.

But even then, the Rule of 150 needs to be established. And you people need to read The Tipping Point.


Ah…. yoga class sets things right. A shower should also do the trick soon.

Friday is here and all is well.

And I hope that this weekend is not nearly as hot as Memorial Day was.



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2 thoughts on “A Brief Randomata

  1. I hate that whole “I have a million friends” that permeates myspace, too. The only people I have on my friends list are people I am actually friends with or people I am connected with in various ways. I guess I’m a loser b/c I only have 22 friends. đŸ˜›

  2. mr. me on said:

    my policy now is to add no one but poeple who:
    – I already know
    – Make a very good first impression in their mandatory “Why I want to be your friend” message
    – Bands I Like
    I used to add a bunch more people, but i’ve come to the conclusion that I have enough friends. Seriously. if all the people on my friend list were people to whom I actually paid regular attention, i’d never get any work or sleeping done.

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