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The Post Where I’m The Butt of the Zen Sarcasm

I have both an inferiority and a superiority complex– they tend to be one and the same. One side of the coin is arrogant and holier than thou. The other is paranoid and mousy.

It is for this reason that sometimes I don’t even know whether I should bother reporting some of my more mundane activities. Part of me thinks that you all will stop your daily lives because *I* will be gone (le gasp!). But apparently the part of me that is connected to the hemisphere of my brain that types up this ditty is the inferiority-complex bound one and I think to myself, “…..but honestly! Who out there reading this is seriously going to care out there that I’m going to have burly men pack up my ENTIRE HOUSE; ship Gracie off with my mother and have her face her first time EVER in 45 degree weather and below; spend a week cooped up in a hotel with an infant (and NO INTERNET!!!!!! AACK!); and then proceed to fly with said infant and husband through the night, having to endure the evil looks of people who do what I used to do when I was childless and just stare with disgust at the baby and roll their eyes and seem to say,

“Oh Jesus F. Christ. A baby– it had BETTER behave, or ELSE.”

And now I want to say to that childless me and to all those glarers the following thing:

“Or else WHAT? He is a baby, for crying out loud! What are you going to do, shame him into behaving????? Hrrumph.

Grr. For the record, he TOTALLY behaved better than the older kids around him. He stayed put AND he slept through both flights. So there.


But as it turns out, the whole point of letting people know where you are is not about haughtiness or megalomania. I’m told that it’s apparently more related to good manners than anything else.

Good manners? Who knew. But now you know. And you know why I’ve been MIA posting-wise.

And okay well, we’re not done with our nomadic trek. We will eventually be living out our days full of Zen Sarcasm from the confusing and history-laden grid of the DC-metro area. But for now, it is all about Californ-y and about the family!

I hope you’re all warm and bundled up, because peeps… this blog ain’t in Hawaii no more!

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One thought on “The Post Where I’m The Butt of the Zen Sarcasm

  1. either way: glad to have you enrich our impoverished state, if only for the nonce.

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