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Seriously ALL of Me–Self Portrait Tuesday

Seriously ALL of Me–Self Portrait Tuesday
Originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Yes, it’s February. And not just February, but

1. the day with the highest candy consumption in the year (or so the candy manufactureres would wish)


2. the day where most people are prone to self-loathing, especially when devoid of a Valentine.


This “All of Me” series challenges us to explore those parts of us we may not so dearly love. I believe that for most women –especially those who’ve just undergone the trauma of a changing body and the feeling that it no longer belongs to us– our weight is our biggest nemesis.

Weight– usually too much, but sometimes too little.

And here is mine as of this morning, for the entire world to see. One hundred and fifty two pounds and loads of change. Right there.

There is nowhere to hide, but I don’t want to hide.

Behold me in all my glorious weightiness! I will be mine, Valentine!

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