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I Need A New Diaper/Self Portrait Tuesday

I Need A New Diaper
Originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

You all are going to melt… it’s my actual face! Shock and horror!

Well, here is my Self Portrait Tuesday entry: it’s certainly not much to look at unless you focus on the center area of the picture, with Mister Man looking all pleased as punch that he decided to take a dump while mommy went on her artistic pursuits.

This is who I am now I suppose: someone who isn’t afraid to get caught making a funny face on camera, hair back in a ponytail and with the whole ghetto bathroom accoutrements surrounding the frame.

And honestly? While it’s a whole lotta work, I could not be happier. What a cliché, huh?

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2 thoughts on “I Need A New Diaper/Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. So…do you do SPT regularly but never actually post your face? Interesting…
    February’s topic may be just right for you! lol!

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