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The Glucola Cometh (and goeth)

Oh yes.

Oh…. oh….. OH YES!

This is better than pineapple ice cream sodas, banana cream pie, Hello Kitty anything, Gracie-May, high tea with little cakes, guava paste, Milky Ways and all manner of other good material (and overly sugary) things that I can’t even think of right now.

Check it:

Fasting– 75 mg/dL
1 hour– 163 mg/dL
2 hour– 145 mg/dL
3 hour– 138 mg/dL

I love you, my darling pancreas. I knew you hadn’t let me down, but now we have PROOF!!!!!! You can tackle the Cola-flavored glucola with the best of them (which is delicious by the way….. unless you find it vomitive, as some do…. but it IS good). You are a little champion. Yes you are….. so coot an’ widdle. Yesh you are!

Incidentally, just how weird do you think it is to get poked over and over while listening to “A Boy Named Sue”?

Johnny Cash…. you’re my glucose test/heroin chic angel. Or something.

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2 thoughts on “The Glucola Cometh (and goeth)

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Getting poked to Johnny Cash is a farily common thing, I think. It’s talking to your pancreas in baby talk that makes you weird, weirdy. ;P

  2. ^ that was me.

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