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Disco Duck

Those of you who’ve been in the pregnant boat once or twice or many other times may hardly bat an eyelash at this.

For me, however, it is one of the first times.

So….. I politely tell you to suck it, ladies, if this post bores you. ;o)

The baby likes disco music. How can I tell?

Because! I am playing “Night on Disco Mountain” and I can see my belly shuffling from side to side.

I’d like to say that it looks like baby is doing the Hustle, but I know you all know well that it is impossible to do The Hustle without a partner.

And I KNOW there are no twins in there.

So suffice it to say, the soundtrack to “Saturday Night Fever”– one of the BEST MOVIES EVAR!!!111!!!– is coming with me, courtesy of the iPod, to help me push this baby out.

My little disco duck….. maybe I’ll see if I can find a leisure suit to take the baby home in.

Delusional, you say? Perhaps. But there are few things as utterly surreal as watching your abdomen move independently from your entire body. To the beat of “Night on Disco Mountain” no less.


Yes, Britney had her baby. Yes, it was a c-section. AND YES! I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE A BOY, PROVING ONCE AND FOR ALL THAT I AM AWESOME and have entirely too much time in my hands. I get it, Señora Duende ;o)

Wanna read about it?

Click here for the E! online article

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