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Self-Portrait Tuesday

Ever since I’ve been going to Myra’s blog, I’ve admired her craft and artistry, and the fact that she does all these fun challenges from other sites. Last week, I was intrigued by the self-portrait of her getas. So much so that I decided to follow the Self-portait Tuesday link and post my own.

Now, this month’s challenge is to do a body part. I believe that my belly –in the “Storkiness” section– fills that void rather nicely. I decided for my first SPT entry to do a little birthday theme. Maybe it’s simplistic or materialistic or both, although it does –to me at least– narrate some of my favorite parts of Sunday. Either way, I like this shot very much:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So, happy birthday to me! And I would like to thank those of you who remembered it, even a couple of days late. It really is the thought that matters 😉

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