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I Been Done Made Me Sum Science!

Okay. I saw this on Jez’s LJ a while back and when I was getting ready to complete it, Gracie decided she was in love with the modem, giving it such a violent hug I was knocked offline. Thanks, Gracie.

So anyway….. MIT is so on the pulse. From the same people who, in years past, gave you such internet gems as Bonsai Kitten (yes, it’s fake….. get over it, okay?), comes the Blog Survey 2005.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

I suggest that if you have a blog you check it out, mostly because I believe in being a small part of a scientific experiment. It’s like being part of the greater good… or at least you can always think that your answers made a difference. But, well… statistically, they really didn’t. Or maybe a little….. not really. ;o)

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One thought on “I Been Done Made Me Sum Science!

  1. Further evidence that pregnancy is but an awesome sci-fi movie for whichever god may be watching…. wow! How far along are you now? I can’t wait to read the new mommy blogs!

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