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Another Day That Will Live in Infamy

The moment I heard, I turned to FOX News.

“FOX News???? Are you insane? Are you a Republican?” may be the words glutting themselves in your mind, especially if you are of a more Liberal persuasion. I understand. FOX news does not have a very good reputation sometimes.

They are very angry, if you will.

They lean toward the right (“right is might?”).

They have supported the President, and support military action.

But perhaps I am so angry, and frustrated and right-leaning and so supportive of some military action right now that I just need to hear some vitriol to fit the anger that is consuming me inside.

How could they ever do that to London? How could they kill innocent people who were just going off to work? They just wanted to get to work, just like all those people did on that horrible Tuesday morning in September of 2001.

How much hatred must live in your heart that you don’t care whether you kill 37 or 3700?

The frustration that is mounting inside of me doesn’t even know how to communicate properly. I have questions, of course; namely, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?

But most importantly, I just feel numb.

Fear is such a terrible weapon, that it cripples all of us, and they know it. They.

The secret thousands. They are not barbarians, for crying out loud. Yes, killing innocents is, if you will, a “barbaric act.” But what they are is sick cowards, who use the truest weapon of mass destruction to hold the world for ransom:

They pounce and attack when we least expect them. They harness the power of our worst nightmare, and they milk it to their full potential. That’s not barbaric: that is sickeningly smart, because it’s relatively easy to do. And it can be done over and over again, can it not?

Twenty-four hours ago, all of Britain was enveloped in the happy giddiness of knowing they’d host the Olympic Games in 2012. Now, they are holding their breath and counting their dead, as they sit around the television sets, too numb to think. We have been there before. And it hurt so much, it was hard to breathe and harder to think that life could ever been the same.

There are no words to describe the pain I feel as I think of their own. There were no words four years ago, and there are no words now. Just pain.

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One thought on “Another Day That Will Live in Infamy

  1. Mr. Me on said:

    This “they” is the key… I feel you’re at risk of being subjugated by this sickeningly smart gambit. Watching Fox News and succumbing to your disgust (which I share) is anathema to your objectivity. Careful.

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