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GND&D– Because August Deserves a National Holiday!

Sometimes you are just joking around and talking with an incredibly witty friend, like Mademoiselle Lookninjas, and suddenly your brain is possessed of an idea so incredibly cool and weird that you just have to see it through.

Today was one of those “sometimes.”

I present to you The Geek, Nerd, Dork & Dweeb Pride Day. What might that mean, you ask?

Simple: it’s about high time that we, the geeks, nerds, dorks and dweebs of the world unite in the pride of knowing that without us and our more brilliant and successful forebears, we wouldn’t be cleverly and oh-so-easily writing this for someone in the other side of the world to read, period. To unite in the pride of knowing that the internet, hybrid cars, and the roof over your heads were all possible by a clever geek, or possibly a nerd. Sheesh. What am I talking about? If it weren’t for the long, proud, nerdy tradition of such paragons of geekdom as, say, Benjamin Franklin –the original American übernerd, I wouldn’t even be able to find my way in the morning. That’s right: dear, wonderful Ben Franklin was among the first scientists to harness, explore and document the live power of electricity. He also refined spectacles and invented bifocal glasses (not that I need those yet, but imagine how crabby Baby Boomers would be without those… and it would take loads of dweebs, or possibly geeks, to figure out a medication to un-crabbify them). And don’t get me started on entertainment nerds such a George Lucas and his dazzling vision of utter dweeby geekdom that is Star Wars. And I won’t mention Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, or any of the other geeks, nerds dorks or dweebs who we thought could be the Grand Marshals of the parade or whose birthday we considered for this momentous occasion.

We came to the conclusion that the GND&D Pride needs a date to be celebrated and the GND&D Pride Parade could take place on the birthdate of an important geek or nerd of renown (see above). Alas, a staggering number of übergeeks were born during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere– a time of year not conducive whatsoever to parades: not tha true geeks need parades, come to think of it. Although as we envisioned it, we could have all sorts of Monty Python, D&D, Sexy Librarian and Star Wars-themed floats, perhaps we geeks are beyond boundaries when it comes to celebrate our GND&D PRIDE!

But just in case….. how does Gene Roddenberry’s birthday, August 19th, sound? And if you must ask who Gene Roddenberry is, you’re obviously not a Star Trek geek, are you?

Envision this: millions, nay, BILLIONS of proud geeks, nerds, dorks and dweebs the world over coming together and relishing their legacy of intelligence, wittiness, dedication and obsession in one glorious day where we realize that our strength is not just in our numbers but in the different ways our creativity, genius, obsession, and overall geekiness and dorkdom have all touched and improved the world? Or at least provided comic relief to someone?

Think of it:


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