A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Baby Meow=Cebolinha!!!!

Yes…. two entries less than two hours apart is overkill but I don’t care.

BabyCenter –ever the leaders in the tricky art of comparing a fetus to edible substances– have just sent me an email informing me that at 17 weeks of pregnancy, The Meowster is actually the size of a large onion.

Now, I love onions and all, and I am a bit happy yet disturbed of envisioning a Vidalia Onion in its entirety swimming around my uterus and doing the backstroke and all that. But then I had this funny flahsback from the past, wherein I remembered a little Brazilian cartoon called “Mônica.”

Mônica was an adventuresome and tomboyish girl who, if I remember correctly, had a lot of strength and an obsession with flying. One of her best friends –and an unwitting target of her tortures– was Cebolinha (which means little onion in Portuguese). Cebolinha had hair that looked vaguely reminiscent of a onion’s spikes, and an adorable but unfortunate speech impediment: he couldn’t pronounce the letter “r”.

Here he is!

So now I can sort of put a face (and a speech impediment) to the name of The Meowster: Cebolinha!

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