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Tiny Bubbles

Why would I ever choose the title to THE well-known song by Don Ho and blatantly ripped off a title from my own cat’s diary?

Well, it could be that I just think it’s the cleverest thing ever to use that song as a blog title since I live in Hawaii. Plus the song is kinda cute and happy, really. You can hear it if you click on Don Ho’s name, even.

But the truth of the matter is that pregnancy has a very um….. socially unacceptable side-effect. I am being reminded of that one episode of “Sex and the City” wherein Miranda –farther along in her state than I, but no matter– actually confesses to Carrie that she has this really really really really really BAD and CONSTANT….

…flatulence. And then she lets out a silent-but-deadly in a store.

There, I said it. I’m not just getting flatulence, though that is a quite present li’l symptom. I am more along the lines of literally filled with bubbles and said bubbles love to gurgle up at any time. I sound like a frog or a toad, and it’s NOT fun. Okay. It is fun. It is especially fun after dinner. But it’s a bit tedious after a while, and I feel far from ladylike. So I guess a Thank-You is due to you, sky-high levels of progesterone! Thank you for slowing my digestion to boa constrictor speed and giving me more gas than a cow. *fumes*

And speaking of toads, alert reader mommy and friend Jez were on a similar wavelength today. Apparently, there have been toads blowing up in Germany (also click here), which simply begs the question,

Benedict? Is that you destroying your family or something?

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One thought on “Tiny Bubbles

  1. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!! A lil baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

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