A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Holy Oktoberfest, Pope-man!

So….. we have an ex-Nazi pope. How’s that for a conversation starter?

Okay, oook-ay, so that’s not really true true. So his family was kind of against the Thrid Reich and apparently that’s how he became so devout and stuff and later even deserted the Nazi army, but….. eek! I dunno….. there are still these creepy visions I get of Il Nuovo Papa in his Nazi Youth persona. Just creeps me out. But I guess I am alone in that view, considering that Israel seems to have welcomed him as the new Pope.

Well, then again, for all the hoopla and excitement of yesterday, today we have a new Pope with a flashy new name (though I choose to call him Sweet Benny the Sixteenth) and the world is not truly worse for the wear, considering that his views are very similar to those of Giovanni Paolo the Second. Who knows…. maybe Oktoberfest will become a religious hoilday and Catholics will have Sacred Bavarian Beer!

I can hear the Holy Ooompahs already!

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