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Gravidity Becomes Britney

So it seems Britney Spears is joining this year’s Primipara Group after all. After weakly trying to deny rumors and tabloid gossip, she’s finally done did it and the news is having a field day. Britney announced her happy news on her website and everyone is reporting it from here to Tomboctou.
I wonder if Kevin got her a card that says, “Thanks a lot for killing our sex life, Meal-Ticket! Can I have a PSP?”

Oh wait…. he probably already has ten. Never mind! I guess the fine Cubans he’ll be passing out upon the birth will have to do.

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One thought on “Gravidity Becomes Britney

  1. kayla on said:

    Madame as always I am impressed,intrigued and informed more and more with your style and your views.
    Fantastic blog my dear…oh…you know what pisses me off? The graphic feminine hygiene commercials.They really are out of control.
    Keep it coming,

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