A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Stitch, Bitch, Rip.

You are Cashmere.
You are Cashmere.
You are sophisticated and luxe. You can often be
found in high-end boutiques and hobnobbing with
the upper crust. You are one of the beautiful
people and you don’t let anyone forget it!

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ah, yes. So I must confess that one of the first –and more alarming– symptoms of the impending swelling of the uterus –baby-induced– was my sudden and burning need to finish a baby blanket that had been lingering in craft limbo for a very, very long time. However, I can’t seem to properly read this one pattern for a pair of booties. I admit I’ve never been very good at reading patterns, sometimes just favoring what I shall call “creative mistakes” and which I rip and redo until I like the results.

So yes. Does anyone who ever reads this have a good crocheted baby bootie pattern? Please? Pretty please?

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