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Filling a Small, Yet Cute-Demanding Void

Okay. I started blogging in MySpace last year, and one of my favorite things –corny, I know– is the cute li’l boppy “mood” kitty face. I know that other journals also have that “mood” feature, and I have missed it here. But today, rather serendipitously, I found something that might just fill the void. So behold today’s mood, courtesy of unkymoods.com!!!!

Ah. And the world is now a better place because, in addition to knowing you’re reading my rants, you also know my mood! Huzzah!

Another huzzah? Tigey Woodsie is kicking bootay at the Masters!!! Well… okay. They are just starting their final round, but he’s entering said round at -11! W00t! Suck it, Vijay Singh, and your trailing -4! Even the least feminist among us still think you’re a chauvinist jerk. We don’t buy the rational arguments about the fact that there is a golf association for men and one for women. The moment you dissed Annika, you became a unified target for women to snub, wrong though it may be.

Okay. Let’s watch some golf!

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