A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

The Unbearable Annoyance of NOT KNOWING (for sure, yet)

I am bored and nervous and antsy and I keep on getting up and sitting back down. It’s pretty funny, actually. I’m sure I’d be laughing if I could watch myself. I wash a couple of dishes; sit down. Check mail (zero mails). Check it again, just in case the machine is not operating properly. Curse at poor, innocent Williams-Sonoma email for not being actual fun email from person I know. Wash some more dishes. Look at the cute kitty-shaped cookie cutter I just found. Look at it again. Remember there are no eggs at home with which to make cookies. Take a peek at progess on hole-in-wall. OMG I can see the neighbors’ lana’i! There is now in fact a hole in the wall! I bet if I could pace horizontally, I would have made the hole myself. I’ve tried several times to log into Old Navy to buy my s.s.i.l. a very belated birthday present, but I keep on messing up. I picked up crochet again in a mad flurry this weekend, but I can’t concentrate long enough to finish one square.

And the 64,000 dollar question is….. am I?

Yes. I spent all night thinking about horrible girl names. From 2 am onward it was something like this:Drusilla? Dymphna? Pretty, but she’s the patron saint of the mentally insane, so I’m not so sure that is good karma. Apollonia? Aquiline? Philomena? Sephora? I guess Sephora is more chic than ugly these days…. Samuella? Is there even such a name? Amaranthe? Narcissa? Fenella? Davida? Genevieve? That one’s not too awful, I suppose? How about Clementine? It’s got the fruit theme going. And then the boy names: Zebulon, Melchizedek, Crispin, Obediah, Malachi, ugh. I still cannot believe that people have taken legitimate names like Portia and Alexis and –by some clever letter manipulation– spelled them like their homophone car makes (Porsche and Lexus for the rocket scientists). Don’t get me started on “fusion” names. They infuriate me.

I also spent a serious amount of time trying to negotiate some weird pain in my hip; whether real or imagined, I still was negotiating as if it were strapped to explosives. So yes…… I will be going for a blood test tomorrow and finding out. Argh! I can’t take it anymore!!!!!

But in the meantime I shall amuse self by reading this site: Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing: A Primer on Parent Cruelty

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