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A Place to Come Clean

The bathroom at Billy Reid in Georgetown

The bathroom at Billy Reid in Georgetown

It’s Friday night and an almost-full moon. I would be going outside to photograph it, except that it’s cold and dark and damp outside and I am a bit of a weenie.¹ I have neglected to put up any new work on here and I think it’s quite a shame, for two reasons:

1. New blog posts drive up the traffic, and more traffic signals to the world that I am a very important person.

2. I have missed putting up new work.

Reason one is a bit of a laugh, except that I do appreciate the traffic. Thank you for reading. I mean it.

Reason two is due to inner paralysis, which is something I am working on. I am giving myself a bit of occupational therapy of the mind, shall we say. The therapy goes like this–

Me: Post the pictures!

Surly me: No. Why bother?

Me: Because.

Surly me: BECAUSE WHY.

Me: Because.²

If I don’t post, someone else will. If I don’t put things out there, others will. I will admire their work while secretly thinking that, meh, I could have done better; have done better; or well, wish I could do better and might have, if I’d only gotten started.

It’s hard work, prying oneself loose of the scales that protect one’s ego. But a good exfoliation is appropriate and therapeutic every once in a while. And hence, a photo of a lovely bathroom to carry that image through, just for you.³



¹ I would like to point out that I am also the weenie who took pictures of a moon eclipse during a particularly cold and bitter December, and I had no gloves on. That’s a bit of perspective for you, kids.
² Because. Because it’s just a photograph. Because art is subjective. Because if you don’t, someone else will. Because doing is braver than not doing. Because not doing is dying a little bit. Because we are dying a little bit all the time anyway.
³ If I’d known I was going to feature a picture of a bathroom before starting the post, I would have definitely played up a whole lot more all the references to a full moon in the beginning, because that is the kind of classy dame I am.
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5 thoughts on “A Place to Come Clean

  1. I’m proud to be part of the blog traffic that signals to the world that you are a very important person. 😉 What a wonderful conclusion Me and Surly me have come to about why you should post something. Because is always such a reasonable reason! Love your thinking.

  2. Terri on said:

    Because I want to do it is a valid reason. Because no one else has the same perspective that I do is another valid reason. Because there may be people who have never seen it and won’t see it unless I post it. Because!

    You are an important person. There is no one else like you anywhere in the world. 🙂

  3. Coolest. Bathroom. EVER.

  4. Nice head shot. Ba DUM dump!

  5. You made me laugh with your last footnote.

    I’m glad you are posting. I am suffering from similar inner paralysis. I have so many photos I want to post and so much to say, but I struggle to put anything out there these days. Gah!

    We should form a support group.

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