A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

It is really okay.


Is anyone really immune to the charms of beauty?

Now, we may not all agree on what beauty is, or what it truly means. We may not even question what is, or is not, beautiful. But when we see something beautiful, it roils things up. It stirs the ugliness inside.

That is okay.

Beauty cannot exist in a world where there is no ugliness. The two hold hands and spin around. They are in the air. They coexist beautifully, and uglily, like day and night, warmth and cold, abundance and dearth. Without one, the other dies. Together, they are.

That is okay.

It’s okay to accept the ugly as much as it is okay to fear it. It is okay to accept the beautiful as much as it is okay to fear it. Embrace them both: they are both within us all.


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